Sunday, February 28, 2016

...archaic DNA calculations...

Found on the "Archaic DNA Matches" calculator.


My first match... "Segments shown are larger than 5.0 cM and 500 SNPs."

On chromosome #14: (need to click on image to see)

Results of "Segments shown are larger than 1.0 cM and 100 SNPs."

My full archaic DNA calculator results:

...first DNA results...

My first DNA results from 

The Western Europe and Great Britain are not surprises. I was not expecting this much percentage of Irish or Scandinavia or any of Italy/Greece... but I have a lot to learn about DNA, human migration etc.  My "trace regions" are not terribly surprising but I want to go further in my research and have been using to run various calculations. I will eventually have my DNA tested by a variety of companies to compare results... as well as find more cousins!